About us

Osterly Associates was formed in 2015 by Managing Director Clive Barnard to provide an accessible business support resource to multi size, multi sector businesses, where there is a gap in provision.

By engaging in the services of like minded industry experts we provide business solutions that are affordable for the smallest business and comprehensive enough for the larger more established business.

With over 30 years senior management experience with a number of SME’s including CEO roles with an independent hospital group, an international trade organisation and more recently a sports business consultancy, Clive has a passion for business, which extends to several charitable roles, where he is an award winning business mentor. 


Clive is well known amongst British businesses through his involvement in various Government led business support programmes where his innovative style has stimulated many sector specific initiatives. 

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Energy & environment network group 2018.

Clive has worked for several years supporting projects that help minority communities, both in the UK and overseas and has led public supported refugee groups to use their talents to become self employed. 


Clive is also a founder member of SIEMA Biz Forum, which is a business network for Polish businesses and International Trade Support Group (ITSG) which is an international network of overseas trade advisers. 

For more information on any of our services or to book an appointment email: info@osterly_associates.co.uk